Essay on Obesity Is A Serious Issue

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Obesity is a huge problem currently facing Britain, with a quarter of all adults classified as obese (NHS choices, 2015). Obesity is a serious issue as it spawns a series of physical, social and psychological consequences for the individual affected, and as a result of this various treatment and management options are offered to the sufferer, in addition to existing government policies to address this issue. However despite this, the percentage of the British population classified as obese has tripled in the past 3 decades, so if these measures are not bringing about a significant improvement, then what is the most effective way to tackle obesity (NHS choices, 2015)?
Obesity is universally recognised as being severely overweight, but is more accurately diagnosed through scientific measures. It is defined as an individual having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 30.9, or 40 or above to be classified as severely obese (NHS choices, 2016). However, this may not be accurate as individuals with a high muscle mass may be wrongly identified as obese, so obesity can also be diagnosed by waist circumference, a reading of 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women indicating obesity (NHS choices, 2016). There are various causes of obesity, some less obvious than others. These include the intake of a higher number of calories than are burned off through physical exertion and underlying health issues, such as hypothyroidism (although this can be prevented if these conditions are properly…

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