Obesity Is A Fast Growing Epidemic Essay

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Obesity is a fast growing epidemic in America, which continues to grow due to the accessibility of fast food, improper nutrition, lack of exercise and the economic status of people in the United States. Our drive-through restaurants and overcrowded junk food aisles, the existence of these items is inflicting mayhem on our health. Exercising regularly and proper dieting are the best choices for those who are interested in losing the extra weight as well as many other alternative solutions. Obesity and being overweight are complications in America that are continuing to worsen each and everyday. Whether it’s how much money you’re trying to save or if you are trying to get the most for less, obesity is a serious concern in our country and if not prevented it can cause major setbacks to the lives of Americans.
The amount of fast food restaurants has doubled over the past few years and that would make for a great number of them in the United States. “Coincidentally 33.8 percent of the U.S. population is affected by obesity and 19 percent of children and adolescents are also affected” (Muntel). Could there be a link between the two? Let’s think back to the days when people had to plant their own crops, tend to their animals and cook food from scratch. Meals were to be planned ahead of time and grab and go meals were unheard of by people back then. Coincidentally obesity rates were lower back then and now you can find a fast food restaurant on every corner that offers some sort of…

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