Obesity In Childhood

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Obesity in Childhood
Approximately twenty-two million children under five years of age are overweight across the world and at risk being overweight in adulthood. Being healthy is important aspect in life for adults and children. Since children are the future it is significant to concentrate on our children of the world to be healthy. According to dictionary.com the adjective definition of overweight is “weighing too much or more than considered normal.” Overweight can be consider as being obese, a more common word used when discussion overweight is obesity. According to dictionary.com obesity is defined as “the condition of being very fat or overweight.” Obesity is one of the peak common health problems in young children today.
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The researchers would use mother- child pairs from the prenatal period to the age of four for the children. Maternal depression is one of the many risk factors that can cause obesity. Maternal depression is a widespread public health issue that takes a toll on the well-being and livelihood of mothers and their families. Parents who introduce solid foods before four months of age can cause obesity for the child in later life. Mothers that do not breast feed their babies at a young age can also be at risk for obesity. Other risk factors for obesity in a young child include putting a television in a child’s room, higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and fast food. The researchers concluded from pregnancy to the preschool period of children black and Hispanic children races are more prevalent of risk factors for obesity than among white …show more content…
Inactive physical activity is a hazard to obesity, but Sallis and Glanz asks the question “could the community be a part of the obesity uprising? In the world of today, parents are more worried for their children which can result in fewer activities and exercise outside. Furthermore, parents are getting lethargic or live in poor socioeconomic as well and feeding their children fast foods, and less fruits and vegetables, which are healthy foods that can be eaten for a healthier life style, and sweetened beverages. Perhaps if children are able to be in community of trust and be provided with the correct nutrition’s that is needed to be vigorous can decrease obesity and produce a stronger, healthy life.
In conclusion, there are many risk factors that can be involved with obesity. Obesity is a significant issue in today’s world among children. Obesity can cause many health risks later on in a child’s life. As adults it is essential that we teach kids to be active and eat right foods to be healthy and strong so they can live and enjoy a long life and be successful not only for their future, but for the world’s future too. “Childhood obesity is best tackled at home though improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better

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