Childhood Obesity: A Growing Epidemic

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Childhood obesity is a worldwide growing epidemic. Studies have been done to try and pin point why obesity in children is at an all-time high, and to study different aspects of causes of this growing problem. Genetic reference to obesity has been proven in several studies in young children. Children that have genetic traits of obesity are more likely to be obese during their adolescent years. Also, having one or two obese parents allows certain traits to be passed on to their children at a very young age. Genetics and parental influence are not the only contributing factors to childhood obesity. Several demographics can have an influencing role, as well. Where families live, the nutrition they receive while in school, and physical movement …show more content…
This was measured in children taking part in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and government funded school understudies (Farley & Dowell, 2014). Included in consideration of outside influences were changes in demographics; WIC, day care, and school sustenance strategies; citywide obesity aversion approaches, media messages; and family and group sustenance utilization. In spite of the fact that the declines can 't be ascribed to any one cause, the easiest identifiable factor is changes in sustenance utilization at home (Farley & Dowell, …show more content…
Just like most health issues, compounding factors lead to this growing problem. To control childhood obesity you have to grasp it in the very beginning, which could be as early as the bottle feeding stage in infants. Even though there could be genetic traits that are passed on to children, parents can help control the early onset of obesity by good nutrition and exercise. No matter what the factors are that contribute to obesity, you can reverse it. Education is paramount to every child so they may have the chance to learn healthy eating habits. It is also a fundamental responsibility of the parent to guide their child on a healthy, whole food eating regime, and to explain the reasons behind why we should choose healthy, over unhealthy,

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