Obesity in African American Women Essay

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Despite the well-publicized health and emotional consequences of obesity, a successful weight-loss industry, and a high rate of voluntary dieting, the prevalence of obesity in African American women continued to increase. For the most part, African American women are aware of the serious health risks related to obesity. Honest attempts to diet and exercise properly usually resulted in gaining of the weight loss and additional pounds in the process. A limited number of studies suggest that African American women maybe less motivated to control their weight because of culturally determined, permissive attitudes toward obesity (Kumanyika & Guilford-Davis, 1993). In fact a select few of obese
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Samples of physical activities included but are not limited to common chores around the house or in the garden and sporting activities such as walking, dancing, and bicycling. An example of balanced food intake and physical activity included one small cookie (50 calories) was equivalent to walking briskly for ten minutes (U.S. Surgeon General, 2001). The all too common fast food "meal" containing a double patty cheeseburger, extra-large fries and a twenty-four ounce soft drink is equal to running two and half-hours at ten-minute mile pace (1500 calories) (2001). Again proper education would inform African American women what to eat, how much, how often and the amount of physical activity to help prevent obesity and maintain weight control. Along with proper nutrition habits and moderate exercise it is essential that obese African American women obtain regular medical care.
A disproportionate number of African American women live in or near poverty which puts them at higher risk of obesity (Rajaram, 1998). African American women that live in or near poverty should have top priority to the means of getting adequate medical care on a regular basis. Regular medical care

from a professional was an opportunity for

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