Essay about Obesity And Unhealthy Eating Habits

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America is not just the country with the most gyms, but it is also the country with the highest obesity rates. Approximately 78.6 million American adults and 12.7 children and adolescents are obese. Over the past several years, overweight, obesity and unhealthy eating habits have increased gradually and now poses a major health problem. A person who is overweight has a body mass index or commonly known as BMI, of 25 to 30. In addition for an obese person it can range from 30 to over 40. It may eventually lead to serious health conditions such as Diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even respiratory problems. It is easier for people to blame others such as fast food chains for their unhealthy lifestyles. This would be true if it was not for the fact that people are responsible for the choices they make, especially when it comes to the way they live their lives. Teenagers always struggle to take responsibility once they reach age eighteen especially when it come time management. For instance freshmen in college are sometimes overwhelmed with stress and party when friends all the time so they have to rely on fast food restaurants and on vending machines for breakfast, lunch, and or dinner. They are not responsible enough to look for ways that will help them improve their lifestyles. They do not realize that minor changes in their routine can make a huge impact on their eating habits. For example waking half an hour earlier to make lunch or watch less…

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