Essay on Obesity And The Obesity Problem

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Most people believe obesity in America is due to the diet of fast food joints, but I’m going to prove that genetics plays a key role in the obesity problem in America. Obesity is a problem in America. All of the fast food that American’s eat on a daily basis contributes to the obesity problem. The other contribution to the obesity problem is simply genetics and the effects of obesity. The fact of the matter is if you are overweight and your partner is overweight it is more than likely their off spring will be overweight and have the health problems that come with it. In the documentary Fed Up, it shows three families and their struggles with obesity and the health problems. All of the families have their parents and it clearly shows that everyone in the family is overweight. One girl in particular would get the recommended daily exercise and do what she could to push the exercise, but still with no progress the little girl seemed not to be losing weight. I clearly believe genetics plays a key role in obesity and the health problems that come with it. She couldn’t lose weight because of her genetics or her genetic make up. She simply is going to be overweight because of the way she was born. Its just genetics not because of her lack of exercise or stuff like that simply just her genetics. You are born with your genetics. Your health problems are hereditary. In the article “Genetics of Obesity and the Prediction of Risk for Health,” it states people are born with the way they…

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