Obesity In The Segment Part 1 Analysis

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In the segment part 1 Consequences, how the effects of obesity are causing a great deal of health problems in American people and are affecting the younger and older adult generations. Some people don’t realize that eating high calories foods can cause a tremendous effect in their lives. The problem it is getting out of control causing an increased risk of health problems like obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In this segment, Consequence, stated that obesity can be from heredity. If your parents are obese and don’t know the proper foods to eat, then, they will feed their children the same kind of foods. A lot of time that what deter a child to eating unhealthily, because if the parent does not know any better, and their children pick up that habit and continue to eat unhealthily.
My thought about the movie before viewing, I know that overweight is a big problem in American people because we all struggle with it. I myself has been on multiple diets trying to stay within my BMI range and yet it’s still a struggle for me. And it is
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I believed that because temptation is out there if the people don’t know how to eat healthy nor make healthy choices from the food groups, that’s going to continue to be a problem. I think there should be more education in schools and in the public to educate American on eating healthy. And it should be free classes for individuals who could be able to participate due to low income ,so that they would know the consequence that they could face with eating unhealthily. In the documentary the weight of the nation part 1 consequence, what was surprising to me were, they stated that 20% autopsy on children that died accidental revealed increased in fat contents in their diet. Also, in the same episode, they stated that 25-29% BMI is overweight that was a little bit surprising to me because I myself is close to that

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