Obesity And Obesity Related Diseases Essay

1790 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
What has Changed? Eating in fast food restaurants seems to be easier and cheaper for most people, without realizing the fact that fast food is actually the number one American’s killer. Since the 1970’s the lifestyle for adult and children have completely changed from good habits to bad habits to the point where it has become too dangerous. Nowadays, people had become lazy to cook their own meals and even hit the gym for some minutes which is leading to obesity and obesity-related diseases. There is no self-control when it is meal time, people choose to consume big portions that contains high calories with little or no movement. Obesity had become one of the most threatful issue to Americans health today. An average Americans consume more than the recommended calories take comparing to the 1970’s. Even though it 's ultimately a personal responsibility to know what they eating will influence their lifestyle, but society should help to prevent obesity by educating people, taxing junk food and subsidizing vegetables, and providing educational programs since it 's up to the younger generation eighteen to twenty-six of age to address the problem immediately. Back in the day in the 1950’s Americans eating habit and health was incredible. Nowadays Americans are the fattest people which has lead to many different health problems. People would cook now Fast food are everywhere and it is reachable anytime, back then people would walk block after block to get their food. It…

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