Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

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Today, everything seems to be growing. For instance, the world’s population, companies, and technologies’ capabilities are growing. In addition, children are also growing, but not just height-wise. Thompson (2015) stated that one third of children are overweight, and of that third, one half are obese (p. 850). Obesity in children in America is becoming a nationwide problem. In fact, as explained in “Obesity in America” (2012) explained how in less than 40 years, obesity rates have increased by 50%. Obesity is a health crisis because it causes one in ten American deaths (para. 2-3). Not only does obesity affect health, it also affects society by draining the economy of $233 billion per year (para. 3). With obesity being such a significant problem with its effects, such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, and high blood pressure, there needs to be changes in diet, physical activity, and the environment. One of the main reasons why many children are obese is because of a poor diet. Brown, Halvorson, Cohen, Lazorick and Skeleton (2015) stated how a lower intake of dairy or calcium products is associated with childhood obesity. In addition to the calcium intake, consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, especially in large amounts, will aid in childhood obesity. Also eating more and more fast has been associated with childhood obesity. Besides actual foods, eating when hunger is not present and having larger portion sizes have been linked to childhood obesity (p. 1243-1244). Adding…

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