Essay about Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

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Child obesity is alarmingly prevalent in the United States today; approximately 18 percent of all adolescents are considered obese. Obesity is defined as “one of the most pervasive chronic diseases...that affects more than one-third of the population” ( Although obesity may be a significant challenge facing adults in the United States, adolescents are encountering a similar dilemma. Why is childhood obesity such a major problem in the United States? Though obesity has been shown to be passed down from generation to generation somewhat, obesity is ultimately caused from inadequate eating habits in conjunction with low amounts of exercise. Today’s adolescents are regularly eating fatty and unhealthy foods, in addition to not getting the required 60 minutes of exercise per day set forth by the U.S. Department of Health. The growth of the fast food industry and a recent surge in the field of technology has also exacerbated the issue. Meanwhile, parents and schools are not doing enough to prevent child obesity. Multiple parents encourage inferior eating habits that eventually pass on to their children. Additionally, multiple schools supply adolescents with substandard meal choices and have removed much recreational activity from the school day. Due to a lack of physical activity and poor diet, childhood obesity has become a controversial issue in the United States, and parents and schools are not doing enough to combat the dilemma; the diet and health of American…

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