Essay on Obesity And Its Effects On Children

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Obesity in Childhood
Approximately twenty-two million children under five years of age are overweight across the world and at risk being overweight in adulthood. Being healthy is important aspect in life for adults and children. Since children are the future it is significant to concentrate on our children of the world to be healthy. According to the adjective definition of overweight is “weighing too much or more than considered normal.” Overweight can be consider as being obese, a more common word used when discussion overweight is obesity. According to obesity is defined as “the condition of being very fat or overweight.” Obesity is one of the peak common health problems in young children today.
At hand are numerous factors that produce obesity. These factors can include overeating, physically inactive, medications, genetics, diseases, poverty, depression and not getting enough nutrition. There are several foods that taste delicious and some people cannot get enough food in there system therefore causing constant eating which causes obesity. It is vital that children stay active and exercise so there bodies can burn off or metabolize fats and sugars that store in the body that causes obesity. Medications and diseases come hand in hand for obesity, there are many symptoms from medications and diseases that can make a body not perform or digest foods correctly. No individual can control genetics; genetics are the study of heredity and the…

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