Obesity : A Large Problem Essay

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Steven Davis
English 102 B
October 12, 2015
Obesity: A Large Problem

The famous stereotypes of the United States of America is that we are all obese. Even though most of us aren’t, we still have a pretty high number of people who are. In a 2013 study, 31.8 percent of Americans were obese. America was the second most obese industrialized nation. Mexico was number one with an obesity rate of 32.8 percent. The number has increased since the mid 1970s where 14 percent of Americans were obese. In 2009, obesity was the third leading cause of death. High blood pressure and smoking were at the top of the list. According to studies, there have been 300,000 deaths per year because of obesity. Many people list obesity as a disease because it decreases your life expectancy and imparts normal functioning of the body. Obesity can impair normal mobility and the range of motion in the knees and hips. Others believe that obesity isn’t a disease because it’s preventable and it is caused by eating too much and little exercise. Obesity will continue to grow if there isn’t a broad cultural and behavioral change among Americans regarding diet and exercise.

Obesity can start at a very young age. There are many children in American that are overweight and they are setting themselves up serious health problems when they get older. 32 million children, aged 0 to 5, were overweight or obese in the 1990 according to World Health Organization. The number has increased to 42 million in the…

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