Essay on Obesity : A Global Health Issue

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Obesity is a global health issue that is quickly becoming an epidemic, with worldwide obesity doubling since 1980. Obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health (WHO, 2016).
A person is categorised as obese when they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above (Healey, 2004). A BMI is calculated by dividing a persons body weight in kilograms by his/her height in meters squared. The statistics of obesity have dramatically changed over years. In 1995, 18.7% of Australian adults were obese compared to 27% in 2011- 2012 (Austrailian Bureau of Statistics, 2013). If weight gain continues, by the year 2025, more then 80% of adults and a third of all children will be classified as overweight or obese (, 2015).
Obesity is a serious issue because it has a very high risk of health issues both mentally and physically (obesityaction, 2016).

Obesity have become the most life threatening risk to health. It has become more of a risk to a person’s health than smoking (, 2015). This is showing that the government needs to take action to prevent obesity in the future. ‘Shape Up Australia’ is a program designed to assist Australians to gather information on healthy weight, diets and physical activity (, 2013). I believe that it should also include in having workshops that show people the basics of eating healthy are how to make meals. ‘Get Set 4 Life’ is a campaign to develop as an interactive guild that…

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