Obama Administration Calls For Limits On Testing Essay example

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Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools The article’s about how the Obama administration came to the realization that they’ve been pushing too many tests on the students. The students ranging from prekindergarten to high school graduation were exposed on average about 112 mandatory standardized tests roughly 8 tests per year. A study was made that found no evidence in academic improvement in terms of having more time spent on tests. Not only are the tests overwhelming by sheer count but they also are tied into teacher evaluations. They not only create uneasiness among teachers but they also cripple the creativity of said teachers because of the pressure to have the students score highly which determines whether or not the teacher is doing their job properly. So the question arises on what’s the point of having so many tests that studies show that have no benefit in terms of academia.
What the administration intends to do is to reduce over-testing by calling a cap that makes it so that no student should need to take up more than 2% of class instruction time used for taking tests. In my opinion I agree with Arne Duncan, the secretary of education, in which he stated, “I still have no question that we need to check at least once a year to make sure our kids are on track or identify areas where they need support”. It’s important to do that once a year to make sure that students are on track and if they begin to lack there’s help out there that can aid…

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