Obam Next President Or Not? Essay

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Clinton: Next President or Not? As the 2016 presidential election approaches one name in particular stands above the rest: Hillary Clinton. The 2016 presidential elections are a mix match of odd candidates. Among these candidates there are retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Billionaire Entrepreneur Donald Trump, our very own John Kasich of Ohio, and a scandalous Hillary Clinton; despite having choices, the 2016 candidates are not very good ones. However, voting is a very important right and privilege we have as Americans, but more importantly, you should know who you are voting for as the next president. Each candidate has their own set of good and bad qualities. Hillary Clinton should not be a presidential candidate because of her presidential identity, scandal and conspiracy.
Most of the time a president identifies themselves as republican or democratic, however, there is a trend in presidencies that shows much more than political affiliation. The legacy of Hillary Clinton being president would land her in the history books perhaps as a turning point in American history. Not because of political stand point or agenda, but because she is a woman. Indeed having a female president would be a turning point in history, yet, to have that as a reason to vote for Hillary is wrong. History would repeat itself as it did in the presidential election of Barack Obama in 2012 when 93% of African Americans voted in favor of Barack Obama (National Election Pool). Normally a landslide…

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