Literary Techniques Used In Jackson And Jaff's The Lottery '

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William Sydney porter otherwise known as ‘O. Henry uses ‘surprise ending’ or the ‘twist in the tail’’ (Arun, Peruvalluti) he was the original twist writer and still is an inspiration today. Tale twister stories are the most enduring kind of narrative because the form relies on one thing, the reader’s belief that when that which was hidden is revealed, he/she will be given, order, shape and meaning to the narrative. But they are also effective because they make the reader feel like they have control. The reader likes to think they can solve the mystery before it happens. This makes the reader want to carry on with the story to find out if they are right or not. Many writers employ and use this technique including Roald Dahl and Guy de Maupassant.
My influences for this selection of stories are Shirley Jackson and Harold Jaffe. By using these authors as inspiration I was able to link my stories with a common theme. Both authors have a darker side to their writing for example in Jackson’s “The Lottery” the twist becomes clear as the stoning happens.
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He refers to his work as Docufiction but in these narratives I liked the form in which he presents the snippets of the story. I tried to recreate this within my story “The Day After”. In Jaffe’s narrative he sections off his work by adding titles to the points where it changes. I liked this way of doing a daisy chain so using the protagonist’s names as titles it gave a clear indication of whose pov it became. Each snippet of Jaffe’s narrative creates a clearer picture of the whole story. Jaffe also gave me the inspiration to write my story “Hands”, by having a factual clear piece of writing it has more of an impersonal and objective feel to it ‘The tall stiff white dude’ (8) because the narrative is written in summery and descriptive sentences it has a sharp feel to it. This is what I wanted to recreate within my

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