O Day Essay

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In the Executive summary I briefly explained the organizational theory of social structure and it pertaining to an organization working together to accomplish a goal. As my example I used my high school that I attended, that am I currently interning at. As this is fresh in my head, and I continue to see advances in this everyday, I would like to continue to explain this situation in the topical summery. The school I’m referring to is St. Joseph It is a wonderful 6-12th grade catholic school, providing a college prep style learning environment. In the heart of it all and the common goal that all faculty and staff are working towards in providing a high quality catholic education for every student, keeping faith in the front. As with …show more content…
Fast forward to this summer when about 60% of the staff from the previous school year had resigned or been let go and there were big issues. The principal was asked to leave in the middle of the last school year, there was a large issue with one of the teachers who in turn was asked to leave, and there were a lot of complaints about the middle school principal. At this point in the schools history that goal of creating quality catholic education was gone. Many of the staff began questioning the board and administration. It all came to be about themselves rather than the students and it started to fall apart. In my 9 years of being involved in the institution I had never seen it stoop so low as it did this past summer. From there all of the secretaries quit. The teachers continued to resign and more and more hiring was required on a daily basis. The administrators and the hiring committee were working overtime in order to get the institution back on its feet. Positive messages were being sent out on the daily in order to keep students and families thinking positive. And the idea of thinking positive by the employees and that common goal was constantly reminded. As long of a process this was I can tell you that it might have been the best thing that happened to St. Joes. They went from

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