Nurturing Society And Improve Justice Essay

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Nurturing Society to Improve Justice Which comes first, a loving nature, a wicked nature, a blank slate, or none of the above? Psychologists and sociologists often debate the common phrase “nature versus nurture”; in other words, when a baby is born is its fate predetermined and which is more impressionable, the genes an individual inherits (nature) or the environment (nurture) into which an individual is born? According to Rose Weitz, a sociologist, “Research on the human genome has found … humans virtually share all the same genes” (54). With this in mind, perhaps the nurture versus nature debate can be resolved. If humans essentially have the same genes, nurture must be more crucial and determinative than nature. In other words, people are most likely born inherently moral and their circumstances shape the helpful or harmful decisions they make.
Furthermore, to claim people enter the world inherently “good” no longer has the same effect as claiming people are inherently moral; this is due to the facts the word “good” is worn out through overuse. Whereas “good” is now ambiguous and utilized to characterize anything pleasing or gratifying (such as, “that pizza was good”), “moral” connotes behaving justly and properly toward things considered as holding value (Ryan). Human beings should attempt to treat each other with the utmost respect and dignity because, when it comes down to it, all are created equally out of similar “ingredients”. This notion reveals a paradox…

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