Nursing Theory Of Nursing Practice Essay

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Nursing is to provide holistic care to all either sick or well in different settings. It is science and an art, and caring is the key factor in nursing. Nursing is nurse patient relationship rather than just procedures and task. My philosophy is to provide a quality, holistic environment in which I am dedicated in ensuring my patients live in an atmosphere of respect and friendliness, and to have their cultural (Te Taha Whanau), psychological ( Te Taha Hinengaro), physical ( Te Taha Tinana) and spiritual (Te Taha Wairua) needs met in a caring manner.

Nursing theories provide framework for nurses in their day to day practice.” Theories provide a foundation of knowledge for the direction and delivery of nursing care” (Crisp & Taylor, 2013, p. 41). Nursing theories have four concepts that determines nursing practice are the patient, health, nursing and the environment or situation. The theory that suits my philosophy is from Jean Watson. Watson’s philosophy “defines the outcome of nursing activity regarding the humanistic aspects of life” (Crisp & Taylor, 2013, p.51). The philosophy and science of caring describes this theory, which is about the caring process and the uses the professional knowledge gained by nurses to deliver the care and comfort to patients and their families. Watson believed that caring is professional nurses identity. Watson’s theory is well known for human caring, which helped me derive my philosophy and the word caring. I look at the patient as a…

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