Nursing Philosophy Essay

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It is true that Nursing is a practice discipline that incorporates scientific and nonscientific knowledge originating from scholarly inquiry. To understand nursing one must understand the concepts, theories, and laws that are ever constant and evolving at the same time (Kelly Patricia, 2012). This understanding will inform practice. According to Simpao, A. F. (2013) “The theory framework of nursing science is built in a dynamic process that arises from practice and is reproduced through research, mainly by analysis and development of concepts and theories” (p. 56). Therefore, theory, research, and practice affect each other reciprocally and continuously. A nursing theory is a set of concepts, definitions, relationships, and assumptions …show more content…
These are; empirics which is the science of nursing, esthetics which is the art of nursing; the component of a personal knowledge in nursing and finally the ethics which is the component that deals with moral involvement in nursing and justification for doing certain things in nursing. I believe it fundamentally sound to blend the nursing as an art to nursing as a science. This is where ones religious believe comes in. Jesus himself was a good nurse and healer in the fact that he cured the sick and insane (O’Brien Mary2011) I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I do not blend my faith with my work as a nurse. Over the years the concept of holistic has gained ground, this is because i holistic nursing aims at curing the entire person, not just their physical body. It dates back to Florence Nightingale herself. This is because of her devotion to caring for those who could not care for themselves. Because she emphasized the connection between patients and their environment, she is considered one of the first holistic nurses Compassion and Caring are my Philosophy of Nursing Practice. In nursing, it is important to have a personal philosophy of the profession. It dictates how a person deals with the day-to-day tasks and obstacles that nurses face. Being a devoted catholic, it is important to me to practice my faith in

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