Nursing Mission and Philosophy Essay

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Nursing Mission and Philosophy
Chrys Chacha

In organization and profession, organizational theories are necessary and their contribution to the social systems in such fields. They help in realizing the mission, vision values and determine the direction of an organization. To realize this, the organizational design and structure is necessary to ease the follow of work. Application of centralized or decentralized structures depends on which works best to achieve organizational goals. It is also necessary to access the benefits and risks associated with shared governance in the nursing field.
Modern theories of organization shows adoption of several changes in the nursing field, they point out on the need for interactions
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This will help the nurses achieve their career goals and offer them a chance to grow their profession. The vision statement of the nursing sector is to revolutionize the health sector and establish new systems that will ensure patients satisfaction and enhancing friendship after services. The nursing value statement is to ensure reward for excellent and professional services, promoting community involvement in health matters and promoting liberty and justice to all nurses.
The mission statement outline the reasons for existence of the nursing profession, the vision statement on the other hand gives an account of where the nursing profession is headed. The vision indicates the future in the nursing profession. The mission and vision of the nursing department is in line with the larger organization goals to achieve professionalism and efficient service delivery. The organizational goal of revolutionizing the health sector is included in the vision of the nursing sector.
My role as a nurse in meeting the mission and goals
As an individual, I embrace professionalism and efficiency in my service delivery to my patients. Enhancing interactions and consultation among fellow workmates and building good relationships with the patients are some of my endeavors to ensure the goals are achieved. Obedience for supervisors and team

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