Essay about Nuclear Weapons : How It Began And It 's Noble Intentions

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Nuclear Weapon

How it began and it’s noble intentions

hiroshima and nagasaki

Cold war

status today

Mankind has made many inventions that make life better, such as Aspirin, Television, and bandages. Yet some human innovations grow out of control and threaten to hurt humanity, becoming a “Frankensteinian” of sorts. Nuclear Weapons are a modern day Frankenstein, first made with noble intentions, yet having achieved a tipping point, later going out of control, having finally been stabilized.

Noble intent:
Nuclear weapons came about in 1939, when two scientists who had escaped Nazi germany, Albert Einstein and his colleague Leo Szilard,wrote a letter to President FDR, stating that Hitler was working toward creating a nuclear weapon, and if he succeeded, the world would fall. Both scientists urged the President to begin a nuclear research and weapons program ( Njolstad, Olav. 'Nobelprize.Org ' ). FDR accepted, and the “Manhattan Project”, a project designed to create the world 's first nuclear weapon, had begun. On July 16, 1945. the first atomic bomb was tested in the Alamogordo desert, and it’s destructive power astounded those who created it. Robert Oppenheimer, the chief engineer behind the atomic bomb, said that the bomb reminded him of a line from the vedic religious text Bhagavad-Gita: “I am become time, destroyer of worlds”. This parallels to the emotions Victor Frankenstein had faced when creating his monster.…

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