Nuclear Power And Its Effect On The Environment Essay

947 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the biggest problems the current generation of Americans face is rapid climate change, and its impact on the environment. There’s no denying the fact that human are the leading cause of carbon emissions; a problem that must be fixed for the sake of future generations. Many believe clean energy is the answer, and seemingly always point toward solar or wind. While these forms of clean energy are very effective solution to the greater problem, nuclear power isn’t nearly as relevant topic of political discussion as it should be. A nuclear plant works very similar to a traditional plant except nuclear fission is used to create the steam rather than burning coal. Nuclear power has the ability to generate a high amount of energy from a single plant, reliability compared to other non-fossil fuel sources of energy, low operating costs, and very low amount of pollution.
Nuclear power has the ability to generate a high amount of energy from a single plant: “Amount of electricity generated by a 1,000-megawatt reactor at 90 percent capacity factor in one year: 7.9 billion kilowatt-hours—enough to supply electricity for 720,000 households. If generated by other fuel sources, it would require: Oil: 13.7 million barrels – 1 barrel yields 576 kWh, Coal: 3.4 million short tons – 1 ton yields 2,297 kWh, Natural Gas: 65.8 billion cubic feet – 100 cubic feet yields 12 kWh”. (NEI, 2016). This precisely exemplifies the energy density of a single nuclear energy plant. Imagine the adverse…

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