Nuclear Energy : Nuclear Power Essay examples

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Introduction – As the human population is growing, there is the need to produce more energy to fill everybody’s needs and also try to keep the environment undestroyed and stop the climate change. One of the solutions to this problem was found in the science of atomic radiation, atomic change and nuclear fission, which was developed between 1895 to 1945, where most of the of the development happened in the last six years of that period and the focus at the time was at the atomic bombs ("History Of Nuclear Energy - World Nuclear Association"). After the period of time mentioned above, from 1945 the focus of the scientist started to change and they wanted to harness this energy, in a controlled way to produce electricity. As this type of energy formation goes on today, U.S. alone saves approximately 12 $billion dollars every year and 13% of the electricity used in the U.S. comes from the nuclear power reactors (Good). With all the benefits that the nuclear power brings to the society in today’s world, there is also a harm that comes with it, as all the processes that go on in these plants and all the equipment that is used are radioactive and very dangerous if it comes in contact with the environment. The radiation can change the structure of cells in our bodies and as a result can cause mutations which can produce cancer and other cell mutations.
Topic- Nuclear Power The road to the nuclear power reactors that produce energy today, started back in 1895 when Wilhelm Röntgen…

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