Nuclear Disaster By Naoto Kan

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Register to read the introduction… To begin with, the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima power plant emitted radiation into the air because of the overheating rods and explosions at the reactors. Radiation can incite decreases in the production of blood cells and prolonged diseases and sicknesses such as cancer (Warry). At least twenty-two people have been contaminated by radiation and two-hundred people may have been exposed (“Comparing nuclear power plant crises”). The Fukushima disaster is similar to the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster that occurred in 1979 in Middletown, Pennsylvania (“Comparing nuclear power plant crises”). There was a partial meltdown of the core and radioactive gas was released. Next, a myriad of people had power outages, no drinking water, and food shortages because of the tsunami and earthquake. Japan’s prime minister, Naoto Kan, explains, “We have to avoid...a sudden power shortage whose scale could have...consequences for...people’s lives” (Branigan 2). In addition, 1.4 million households were without drinking water, and stores were running out of food and water. Finally, communication and transportation was inoperative for a period of time in Japan. Public transportation, including subways and trains, was shut down. Roads were destroyed by the quake and impassible, therefore it was almost impossible to travel. Also, cell phone services were unavailable. As one can see, the

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