Nuclear Application Course At Fh Aachen University Of Applied Science

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I am Syed Nafiz hasan and I am a graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from North South University. I want to pursue MS in Nuclear Application course at FH AACHEN University of Applied Science. As an Engineering student, I have realized that I need to acquire more theoretical and practical knowledge and need to spend more time in research to prosper in my career. For this, research oriented advanced studies and hands-on experience in new technology accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject are really important and best choice for me. I know a graduate program needs high dedication and perseverance and I believe I am mentally prepared for this.

For my higher studies, I have chosen nuclear applications as for me this is the most interesting topic which I really want to learn and further want to engage myself in research of this topic. Nuclear technology in now being used in various fields of engineering and technology such as power generation, medical treatment and manufacture of drugs and in every field its application have achieved huge success. I believe the proper and safe use of this technology can make many positive and extraordinary changes in various fields of technology. The positive impact of nuclear technology in various industries has aroused my interest in this technology. Among various courses in my undergraduate program power system courses were my favorite and from these courses, I have achieved knowledge about the use of nuclear…

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