`` Nothing But Nets `` By Rick Reilly Essay examples

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From Money to Nets to Lives Humans often take their own lives for granted; never thinking too much of those who may be less fortunate. We go about our daily lives worried about celebrities, or sports; rather than food or uncontrolled diseases in our country. Many others do not get that luxury. Rick Reilly writes his article, “Nothing But Nets,” on the back page of popular sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, to request money from his audience, so that mosquito nets may be purchased for African countries. Reilly’s appeals to ethos help persuade the reader to listen and believe him. Reilly’s first statement of his article persuades the reader to trust him when he asks the reader, “I’ve never asked for anything before, right?” (Reilly). He instantly begins establishing himself as a man who does not often request anything from others. Knowing this fact causes the reader to be more prone to donation; since the reader will be more trusting of the writer, and believe he honestly wants to help those in the African countries. Reilly also includes the reader in the mission, using the words “you,” “your,” “we,” and “our,” a total of 27 times throughout the article. This inclusion in Reilly’s article allows the audience to feel a part of something that will help others. The reader will not just feel like they are donating money to a single person, and never hear about it again, but that they are truly joining together in a cause to help others in need. Being included in the end goal…

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