Daniel J. Flynn's Argument Of Why Football Does A Body Good '

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Daniel J. Flynn’s argument of why “Football Does a Body Good” is extremely unconvincing. The evidence that he presents throughout the essay fails to debunk the counterargument of how dangerous football can be. The essay is full of statistics and examples of how football can positively benefit the readers- unfortunately all the facts that are shown are ineffective. He unsuccessfully argues toward the benefit of football by failing to present appeals to reason, having a lack in his credibility, and having a biased and argumentative tone for the duration of his essay. Aristotle’s three proofs are logos, ethos, and pathos. The brilliant philosopher said in order to have and effective persuasive essay, one must use an appropriate balance of the …show more content…
Even though he is primarily writing to a hostile group of readers, he writes as if he is speaking to an audience who already agrees with him. He tip toes over the line of staying unbiased and calm and ignites a fire on his passion regarding the topic. Passion is marvelous to have, but unfortunately it can get in the way of staying unbiased and calm. The further immerged a reader becomes in his essay, the more pronounced it becomes of how sarcastic and defensive he is. In paragraph nine he satirically states, “Who would have guessed that there are health benefits to all that running, jumping, pushing and pulling?”(622). If one was to advance further into the essay one would notice the shift in his tone from sarcastic to defensive. An example of how he allows his emotions to pop through would be when he says, “It’s a shame that the smart-set isn’t smart enough to grasp the benefits of contact sports.”(623). He further allows his defensiveness to arouse completely. In his closing statement he says, “Playing football is good for you. Being a wuss isn’t.”(623). Ending on a strong note is commended, ending with an attitude is not To summarize, Flynn’s argument is ultimately ineffective. He shows the readers many different facts that unfortunately work against his purpose- some readers are instead left feeling manipulated. The attempt to lure the readers in with his credibility also becomes manipulative. Flynn is not adequately qualified to persuade any type of audience- especially an audience who disagrees with him. Some work could also be done on his tone throughout the essay; it brought a negative and biased feeling toward the opposing

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