Notes On Dreams And Dreams Essay examples

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Hello class I am Amanda. Today I am going to start you off with an idea that I think we have all had at least I know I have. What if we could plug our pillows into a computer and look back and watch our dreams. What if we even had the ability to save them and watch them over again later on? With that being said today I will be going into more detail about dreams and dreaming. Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily during certain stages of sleep. Dreams have always been a topic of much scientific speculation and a matter of much philosophical interest. The certain points that I am going to discuss with you today will be specifically, the history of dreams, how we dream, and how it is believed that we interpret dreams.
The history of dreams and its ideas go on to date in the earliest times of history, somewhere around 3100 BC. According to the Cambridge University Press the first cultures to divide dreams into good and bad were the Babylonians and the Assyrians. They believed that the gods sent the good dreams and that the bad dreams were sent by demons. In Greece they developed the theory that dreaming is from the souls leaving the sleeping body and our dreams are what they experience during that time. All over the ancient world, however it was a common belief that dreams were omens and prophecies brought upon the sleeping as they rested. It wasn’t until the late fifth century that people started to believe dreams were…

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