Notes About Ellie 's Behavior Or Appearance Essay

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Part I

Note anything unusual about Ellie’s behaviour or appearance

There are two references to shaking hands in the passage. Additionally, she seems to be very thin and have large, perhaps slightly bulging eyes. Behaviourally, she seems stressed and despondent, unable to concentrate or retain information, and and seems to be suffering from insomnia. She then gets a sinus infection, which is perhaps a sign of a compromised immune system.

What do you think might be going on with Ellie that could cause her difficulties? Consider both physical and psychological causes.

Morvan 's syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease, which is characterized by irregular muscle contraction, which explains her hand tremors; insomnia; and a weak immune system, which explains the sinus infection. Due to the relatively slow onset of the disease, Ellie’s stressed, erratic behaviour, as well as her inability to concentrate or retain information, could be symptomatic of the delirium associated with Morvan’s syndrome. However, excess sweating and itchy skin, common in those with Morvan’s syndrome, have not been observed in Ellie. A diagnosis of Morvan’s syndrome is rare, and does not explain Ellie’s bulging eyes, or her probable weight loss. It may be young onset Parkinson’s disease, which would explain the tremors, as well as her reduced academic performance, weight loss, and insomnia. However, she seems to have no trouble walking, and this diagnosis does not explain her bulging…

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