North Kore A World Food Programme ( Wfp ) Essay

1341 Words Nov 26th, 2015 null Page
1. This scenario is a rather unfortunate situation as North Korea could be in high danger. As a World Food Programme (WFP) actor. I have to do all it takes to aid this situation. The potential risks involved are North Korea are prepared to go on war with different countries just to defend their existing system. The North Korean news media (Korean Central News Agency) which is founded by Kim Jong Un has shut down its website and the countries television stream has stopped. This is very risky as we do not know what has happened. It could be propaganda tactics being used by the country as they have been known to do so or it could be in actual fact a reality. Another risk is that there has been information passing through North Korea’s border that Kim Jong Un might have died. This could once again be a lie as it hasn’t been confirmed by the state themselves. This is very risky for WFP as we do not know whether to get involved or not. The country’s government has never authorized the acceptance of international provision for aid, monitoring and functions of relief by WFP. WFP are in place to help create stability environmentally and economically, therefore it is risky for us at this stage that we are unsure what is going on. The state could be in a state of shock and upset about the death of their leader or there could be an enticing revolution about to begin. This makes it very hard for us to get involved as we are unsure. In stake of this, Kim Jong Un has withdrawn from public…

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