North Kore A Nation Of Great Dynastic Rule Essay

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North Korea, a power hungry, communist country, is beginning to make an effort in becoming a world power, developing nuclear warheads and hiring spies for intelligence. North Korea is a country of great dynastic rule, spanning over many years. While closely looking at the country under the microscope, it can be seen that it is ruled by a means of totalitarianism, and its structure and function involves violence and intimidation to uphold law within its borders. Along with its communist form of government, North Korea is striving to be a grand nuclear force against any and all of the countries that do not agree with its political and social regime. Recently, the communist country has been developing and displaying many technological and nuclear advances that are major dangers and threats to numerous countries.
North Korea, in recent months and years, has publicly displayed its advancement in technology and weapons. On April first of this month a South Korean author of The New York Times, Choe Sang-Hun reported that North Korea has been trying to jam GPS signals from across the border. “In 2012, jamming signals sent by [North Korea] forced two-hundred and fifty two commercial flights to turn off their GPS and use alternate navigation tools.” (Sang-Hun) The main uses of jammers are to confuse enemies on exact locations, or where a possible GPS guided missile will fall. These technologically jammers pose a threat to commercial and military flights coming in and out of South…

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