Normandy, Operation Market Garden And The Battle Of The Bulge

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In Europe the years 1944-1945 were so crucial to the war efforts. Some of the most well-known victories and defeats take place during this time. So many things happen that completely change the outcome of the war and who is in favor to win. A few of those key battles I will be focusing on are D-day in Normandy, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. The men who are in charge of these countries in the middle of the war are also huge players in how this war can tip. So I think during these years it’s important to look at the allied forces meeting in Yalta and Hitler’s death. His death would later lead to Germany’s surrender and to the liberations of many. This paper will look at all of those important moments during this time period and find why they matter so much to the ending of World War II and to history.
One of the most important moments in World War II was the storming of the beaches in Normandy known as D-Day. The operation took place on June 6 1944. It was an extremely well thought out plan that took a lot of secrets if it was going to be successful in defeating Germany. This seaborne invasion will become the largest in history. The Allies plan was to conduct a military deception by making the Germans believe that the take would be taken place in another location. This deceptive operation was known as 42. The Allies literally set up tanks, men, ships, supplies and equipment higher up on the western front hoping to distract the Germans from realizing…

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