Normality And Social Behavior

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The behavior of individuals is supposed to be like what is seen as society expectations through conforming to the norms that are accepted. The social norms of the society measure the appropriateness and inappropriateness of an individual behavior, and they are perceived to be a gauge that determines the behavior of an individual. When people are introduced to a certain social norm, they will change their behavior closer to the norm to be accepted by the society. When people have behaviors that conform to the social norm of the society they are said to be normal, contrary to normal behaviors is abnormal behavior that is said to have extreme behaviors (Overbeck & and Park, 2001).
Normal behaviors are said to be consistent with the behaviors of
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The work environments differ from one organization to the other in the context of how the workers are behaving or reacting to different scenarios. The workers may be positive concerning a certain environment that subjected to them, and they can discuss and freely enjoy it. These types of workers are assumed to have normal behaviors as opposed to the person that may feel uncomfortable about the working environment, and they are always opposed to the certain phenomenon in the organization. Behaviors in one office setting may be different from the other thus raising probabilities of abnormal behavior. Thus, the work environment defines the normality of people’s behaviors (Haslam, …show more content…
Society has social norms and standards that influences how a certain individual is supposed to behave. Individuals who are bound to behave according to the expectations of the society are assumed to have a good behavior and those in contrary have abnormal behavior. The same case applies to individuals who are working in a certain organization; they should behave according to the culture and expectation of the very organization for them to have normal behavior. However, it should be noted that having abnormal behavior is not having bad behaviors; an individual can behave contrary to the expectations of the society because of external

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