Essay on Norm A Pioneer For Change

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Norma Cruz- A Pioneer for Change For some unfathomable reason, women have consistently been viewed as inferior in many countries. This patriarchal ideology has led to some devastating and astounding crimes against women in Guatemala, where Norma Cruz works to support women who have endured acts of violence and provide legal support if women so choose. Norma’s triumphs have earned her the Woman of Courage Award, but her efforts have also brought terror into her own life as she now receives death threats regularly from those members of her society who envision her work as a threat to their customs and traditions. Therefore, she now cannot journey anywhere without a bodyguard, but that has not halted her progress towards an equitable society for her fellow women (Jones). Despite her own safety, Norma Cruz has fought as a pioneer for the equality of women in Guatemala, where a culture of violence reigns supreme. For Norma, this call for justice originates from more than just the mere principle of equity as it’s also a personal struggle. In 1999, Norma uncovered that her boyfriend was sexually-abusing her own daughter and had been doing so for five years. Despite Guatemala’s prevalent inclination to blame the victim, Norma reported the crime. After a grueling three year trial, Cruz’s boyfriend was sentenced to a twenty-year sentence in prison. While this brought Norma international fame, the issue to light, and hope to victims, the victory never lived up to its expectations as…

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