Nonverbal Assessment Of A Child 's Potential For Success Essay example

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There is no single perfect resource that will provide everything an identification committee needs to calculate a child’s potential for success. There are multiple circumstances, criteria, and assessments that should used taken into account when determining if a child is gifted, including nonverbal assessments. These tests are not without fault, and there are many of critiques about the use of nonverbal measures of intelligence. While, they should not be the only indicator of future achievement, nonverbal assessments should be included as part of the data points collected and presented in the process of identification of gifted students for the following reasons: they help with the diversification of gifted programs, assessing intelligence is one of the best predictors for success, and they can provide information helpful pertaining to specific ability. In short, they should be used because they take into account the issue of underrepresentation in gifted programs, can be used as a predictor for success, and provide information that will benefit decision making.
Purpose and Types of Nonverbal Assessment
Nonverbal intelligence tests were designed to measure “general cognition without the confound of language ability” (DeThorne & Schaefer, 2004, p. 275). Raven’s Progressive Matrices (1947) is the most widely used. ( Naglieri & Ford, 2003, in gifted chils quarterly p. 156). Other popular nonverbal tests to discuss include: the Cognitive Ability Test- Nonverbal Battery…

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