Essay on No Two Snowflakes Are Alike And That Holds True For Families

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No two snowflakes are alike and that holds true for families all around us. Each has their different problems and they vary depending on what countries they live in. Internal circumstances always differ but an external problem that each family face every day is how to feed them. How can you have internal conflicts if your families are starving next to you so truly having a safe house and food to fill your stomach are most important. We will see how the families of the discussion choose what food to purchase and how it will affect their financial and health, both mental and physically. The Revis family of North Carolina is the average American family spending over $300 USD (Kennedy 135). They are shown to be smiling and sitting closely on the left of the picture being the empty spaces of the pictures until your eyes shift to the right where their food lay. They live in an average home of America, a cluttered countertop and cramped breakfast area, so we can see that they most likely have a hectic lifestyle. This was given more proof as we see the foods they eat are good assortments of junk foods and fast foods, all of which are very unhealthy. They live in the moment and have no time to eat healthily and bought foods that can be cooked in a moment’s notice.
Now a whole new family was shown, the Aboubakar family of the Darfur province. They sit in the middle of the picture as the focus while their food being the empty space. This family’s food are less of half of what the…

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