`` No One Can Be A Poet And A Book Keeper At The Same Time ``

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“No one can be a poet and a book-keeper at the same time” (Hawthorne qtd. In Telgen 307). Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on Independence day of 1804 in Salem Massachusetts. Salem was both well known and an abominable city. (Neilson 276). At a young age, Hawthorne had an accident, one of his foot was injured for three years. While injured, he spent time comprehending literary classics. The injury sparked Hawthorne’s interest in literature (Telgen 307). Hawthorne worked for his uncle as a book-keeper at the Manning stage coach lines (Swisher 15). Nathaniel studied Puritan past. He thought deeply about the Puritans way of life and thinking of the colony in New England ( 15). The past of Puritan’s way of life greatly influenced Hawthorne’s writing of The Scarlet Letter. John Hathorne, one of the judge from the infamous Salem Witch Trials was the great-great-grandfather of Nathaniel Hawthorne. “When Hawthorne was four years old, his father died from yellow fever on a voyage to the Caribbean” (Swisher 12). When Hawthorne was nine, he injured his foot while he was playing ball. For the three years of his injury, he dedicated most of his time reading poetry, adventure and mystery stories, and colonial history (13). In 1820, Nathaniel Hawthorne worked for his uncle’s bookstore as a bookkeeper. He struggled between the need for money and his interest in literature. Hawthorne complained to his sister Elizabeth that : “ No man can be a poet and a book-keeper at the same time”…

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