No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston Essay examples

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For this paper, I will analyze the essay ‘No Name Woman’ written by Maxine Hong Kingston. This was a roller-coaster of a story with high emotions and dark secrets reveled throughout the essay. Kingston’s culture is known as family oriented and strict, through her essay she shares her family story and how this culture affected her family personally. Being Chinese decent, she was raised in a very strict, superstitious, tradition holding household. She goes on to explain to us, how her mother forced her sisters and her to thread their eyebrows and face. Ancient Chinese tradition always held women to a certain standard, a woman’s appearance was very important in their culture. This essay further goes on to explain Chinese culture, how family and community orientated they are, how their rules are harsh and strict, and how as a society they are extremely superstitious. After reading this story I was drawn to learn what happened to her Aunt, to experience through her words the struggles she endured, but having the strength needed to keep going till the end. Through quotes and examples from this essay, I will go on to show what happened in this Chinese community, and how the event tragically affected Maxine Hong Kingston’s family more so her Aunt. Kingston’s essay ‘No Name Woman’ tells the life story of her Aunt back in nineteenth century China. As we learn her Aunt becomes pregnant through a deplorable affair. We know infidelity in any culture is highly frowned upon, and the…

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