No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston Essay

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In many cultures a woman must obey the norm of society. Different cultures share the same similarities on how they view women - a companion that will take care of their husbands, clean the household, look after the children, prepare the food. Women cannot object what has been set in stone for many centuries. It starts at birth, when they are born they are separated into two groups. They cannot disobey their family and risk being banished or dishonoring their family. In the essay “No Name Woman”, Maxine Hong Kingston writes how the aunt dishonored and humiliated her family which leads to her family neglecting and forgetting about her. In the 1961 movie Splendor in the Grass, Deanie Loomis contemplates if she should become a good girl or a flapper. Both the movie and essay revolves around women’s behavior and how society views them, the double standards they face, and their punishment for disobeying.

The essay “No Name Woman” focuses largely on society’s view on women. The essay narrated by Maxine Hong Kingston tells a story of when she was younger her mom gives an example when she finds out Maxine started menstruating. “On the night the baby was to be born the villagers raided our house. Some were crying. Like a great saw, teeth strung with lights, files of people walked zigzag across our land, tearing the rice. Their lanterns doubled in the disturbed black water which drained away through the broken bunds. As the villagers closed in, we could see that some of them, probably…

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