Essay on No Daughter By Sandra Cisneros

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In the short story Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros, Sandra is challenged by being the only daughter in the family of six sons. Her father believes that Sandra should go to school so she can find a good man. While Sandra believes she should go to school to complete her education goal. Because the different beliefs between the two, Sandra 's father fails to acknowledge he has only one daughter and refers to her as a son. Sandra Being referred to as a son puts her in the place where she has to compete with her brothers to gain her father 's approval. By the end of the story, Cisneros overcame three major obstacles. Cisneros beat the statistic of a traditional hispanic household, competed with her brothers to gain her father 's approval, and sought her father 's approval throughout the story in order to finally make her father proud. Sandra’s family was prejudiced towards her because she was a daughter. “Being an only daughter in a family of six sons forced me by circumstance to spend a lot of time by myself(562)” Her brothers were extremely judgemental against her because of her gender, which is why Cisneros usually felt very alone. When Cisneros arrived back at home from college she stated her Father’s disappointment in this quote “After four years in college and two more in grad school, and still no husband, my father shakes his head even now and says I wasted all that education(562)” All Cisneros wanted was to make her father proud by doing what she wanted for herself.…

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