Night, By Elie Wiesel Essay

1380 Words Jul 31st, 2016 null Page
Published in 1958, Elie Wiesel’s piece of literature, Night, describes his experiences surviving torturous concentration camps which eventually altered his life. Wiesel felt bound by his surroundings, but overcame his trials to create a hopeful, promising future. In the same way, today’s society becomes overwhelmed by devastating events that transform into something advantageous for their being. While these occurrences are ultimately beneficial, enduring major knee surgery and imprisonment overcame Wiesel and myself physically and emotionally.
On February 8, 2016, throughout an extremely aggressive basketball game, my life drastically changed. After three strenuous quarters, my team was losing by five points and needed a miraculous win over our opponent. One of my teammates stole the ball from our rival and made a prolonged pass across the court during the last six minutes of the competition. As my feet left the ground in hopes of completing the play, a heartless player from the opposite team intentionally charged my body with an intense force causing me to land on my right knee in an absurd manner. Consequently, the healthy athlete that I was, became someone unable to walk or get herself up off the court.
Lying in excruciating agony for what seemed like years, the athletic trainer, with the assistance of my coach, carried me to a table to observe the condition of my injury. Uncertain, the trainer performed various examinations, but concluded it was only a severe sprain; I…

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