Essay on Nietzsche 's Views On Morality

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In the early 19th a philosopher born in Roeken, Germany showed a promising career as a philosopher. His name is Friedrich Nietzsche. He attacked morality, especially Christianity by considering a convenient tool used between groups to extend control over each other. Nietzsche’s notion of power placed him as one of the most assertive philosopher in criticizing morality. He did not know how much his ideas would travel through time and space. He did not realize either, that his critics would bring to light an intrinsically undercover value system. After rejecting, suffering diseases and having loss of his family, Nietzsche realized that the 19th European time surrounding society was using moral for its own convenience. Those individuals suffering in pain had to ‘man it up’ and continue struggling for the sake of a hypocritical society. Nietzsche describes morality as a battle between the strong to keep control over the weak, and the organized weak against the strong. His concept of moral describes the cruelty of societal differences; consequently, Nietzsche addresses the concept of will to power, master morality, and slave morality nowadays present in United States’ society. Nietzsche’s perception of morality has not changed since the time the idea was undeveloped. Big corporations, politics, and powerful coercive entities like the state continue dominating masses, even if they are a minimum group of the world population. For example, in the NewOne website, a reported…

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