Nexru Case Study

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Question 1, Page 628. According to Reynolds, “arbitrators are generally reluctant to sustain discipline for off duty conduct unless there is some nexus or connection to the job” (Reynolds, 2010). Generally an employee’s conduct while off duty or away from the place of business is viewed as personal matters and the company has no business interfering with employee’s personal lives. It is just cause discharge if it is established that the employees misconduct off duty adversely affects the employers reputation or when the off duty misconduct leads to the refusal or inability of other employees to work with the employee on the job.
Question 2 Page 628. Nexus is the connection between off duty misconduct and how it affects employment (Holley, Williams, Jennings, 2010). The nexus principle is used to determine whether an employer could discipline or discharge an employee for off duty conduct. In determining whether or not there is a connection between the misconduct and employment, a number of questions must be answered. The arbitrator must decide whether or not the behavior will harm the employer’s reputation, if the behavior will prevent the employee from completing their job duties, if the behavior will directly affect products and/or production, and whether or not other employees will have difficulty working with the employee.
Question 3, pg. 628. I believe equal treatment does have a bearing on the outcome of the case, however management should not require a different

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