Newtons Second Law Experiment Essays

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Newton’s Second Law

How does a cart change its motion when you push and pull on it? You might think that the harder you push on a cart, the faster it goes. Is the cart’s velocity related to the force you apply? Or does the force just change the velocity? Also, what does the mass of the cart have to do with how the motion changes? We know that it takes a much harder push to get a heavy cart moving than a lighter one.

A Force Sensor and an Accelerometer will let you measure the force on a cart simultaneously with the cart’s acceleration. The total mass of the cart is easy to vary by adding masses. Using these tools, you can determine how the net force on the cart, its mass, and its acceleration are related. This relationship is
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Vary the motion so that both small and large forces are applied. Make sure that your hand is only touching the hook on the Force Sensor and not the Force Sensor or cart body.

8. Note the shape of the force vs. time and acceleration vs. time graphs. Click the Examine button, [pic], and move the mouse across the force vs. time graph. When the force is maximum, is the acceleration maximum or minimum? To turn off Examine mode, click on the Examine button, [pic].

9. The graph of force vs. acceleration should appear to be a straight line. To fit a straight line to the data, click the graph, then click the Regression Line button, [pic]. Record the equation for the regression line in the data table.

10. Using the graphs, estimate the acceleration of the cart when a force of 1.0 N has acted upon it. Select Interpolate from the Analyze menu. Move the mouse across the graph and determine the acceleration (x) when the force (y) is nearly 1.0 N. Record the force and acceleration in the data table.

11. Repeat Step 10 using a force of –1.0 N.

Trial 2

12. Attach the 0.500-kg mass to the cart. Record the mass of the cart, sensors, and additional mass in the data table.

13. Repeat Steps 7 – 12.

Data Table


|Mass of cart with sensors (kg) | |

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