Newton 's 2nd Law Of Motion Essay

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The goal of this experiment is to verify Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion.
Newton’s 2nd Law states that when an external net force acts on an object, the acceleration of the object is proportional to the net force, and it also occurs in the same direction. The acceleration is also inversely proportional to the net force. Thus, the net force, which is the sum of all the forces acting on an object, is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration. In this experiment, a cart with a mass M was placed on a frictionless air track. The cart was attached to a hanging mass (alligator clips), represented by m, by a string through a pulley. The instruments used in the experiment are: a cart, string, track, 5 alligator clips, pulley, stopwatch, a measuring balance, and an air pump
There are several types of forces acting on the objects in this experiment. Gravitational force is the mass of the object multiplied by gravity, and is always vertically down. The normal force is exerted on the object by the surface and is always perpendicular to the surface. The normal force is only exerted on the moving cart and not the hanging mass, because it is not on a surface. Friction force is eliminated because the moving cart is placed on a frictionless air track. Tension force is exerted on both objects by being attached to the string, and the length of the sting provides a limitation.
Drawings of the Experimental Apparatus:

1. Measure all alligator clips…

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