New York 's Finest Police Department Essay

1100 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
To become apart of New York’s finest police department, you must complete 639 training hours stretched over a six-month period. That is just under twenty-seven days total to become someone who has a very powerful task to perform for the next 35+ years of their lives. In comparison, a hairdresser in the state of New York has to undertake 1000 hours of training to become licensed. That is a little under forty-two days to cut, color, and style hair in the state of New York city. More training is required to become a hairdresser than an officer of the law in a lot of states. In the short time that these officers are receiving, they must learn when is the appropriate time to use lethal and nonlethal tactics. With the rising number of police brutality cases, especially the ones leading to deaths, two factors have to be looked at when it comes to the officers in power. Training and mentality of the officers has to be in question when everyday, on all media outlets, there are videos and reports of brutality and killings. In this paper I will prove that something must change when it comes to our police force in the United States. Police are held to a different standard than any other type of citizen in America. Society commands that you treat law enforcement with far more respect than most people and for good reason. Officers risk their lives on a daily basis to protect and serve those in their community. Police are the enforcers of the law, but what happens when they abuse their…

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