Essay about New York City : The Country 's Sky

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“Twenty years ago New York City provided emergency shelter for just under a thousand families a day; last month it had to find spaces for 10,000 children on a given night”(Quindlen 246), observed by Anna Quindlen, a well-known reporter for Newsweek. Also in New York City, the Wall Street is always flooded with money from trust fund babies, elite private schools can hardly catch up with the sizzling demands, upscale toy stores in Manhattan seemingly never sleep, and million-dollar penthouses pretentiously dominate the city’s sky. Apparently, New York City is just a glimpse of socioeconomic phenomenon: the intermingled coexistence of the two worlds, the impoverished world and the affluent world. As a matter of fact, the phenomenon is omnipresent all over the country. By all appearances, the two worlds, so called the parallel universes where the poor and the rich are divided socially and economically, seem to be awfully mundane, but behind the prosaic everyday scenes within the two universes, particularly the impoverished world, there are so many human sufferings involved, heartbreaking family stories untold, and painful personal ordeals. Especially, poverty-stricken children are among those who suffer the most from poverty. Specifically, poverty causes poor children to struggle daily to survive, damages all aspects of their educational opportunity, and brings about lifelong destructive effects on them.
Evidently, children living in poverty have to endure pain and…

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