Essay on New Wine in the Old Bottle Case Study

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< New Wine in the Old Bottle> Case Analysis

To Break Old Bottle

Written by Helena

Course name: Creativity and Business Innovation

< New Wine in the Old Bottle> Case Analysis

To Break Old Bottle

Key Topics Covered In My Case Report

Problems Microsoft are suffering

Causes of Microsoft’s problems

Actions Microsoft may take


The new CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella, is leading his big troop in a new developing adventure, facing an array of issues. Its company flagship products, Windows operating system and Office application products have enjoyed popularity for an era, but now they are being challenged by new popular products based on mobile platform and are also
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Internally, Microsoft is also suffering CEO transferring, which cast more doubt on whether Microsoft can make smooth integration between two big companies.

Company Culture
The original objective of the stacking-ranking approach was to “balance creativity and discipline”, but with time passing, Microsoft deployed systems and procedures to help manage almost every facet of the corporation (5). Such strict and inhumane measurement system put employees in brutal competition on performance evaluation. Such kind of evaluation system drive all the employees crazy for getting excellence on their performance evaluation within one team and leave team cooperation behind. It is not good to cultivate innovation and responsibility-taking, but to set root of office politics and silos. Under such kind of working environment, everyone try his best to make safety for himself, missing focus on team cooperation, but office bureaucracy. Thus, bad company culture came into being. The awful company culture is making Microsoft respond in the market at a snail’s pace.

Although Microsoft finally abandoned the stack-ranking system in the end of 2013, but “Rome was not built in a day”, in order to get rid of all the negative influence of stack-ranking system, Microsoft has to walk long way.


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